Rebel but cute - it is our key message.

It is obvious that kids are great because of a great combination of rebellion and cuteness. That explosive mix has inspired us to create clothing brand for kids – KUKUKID.

Kukukid brand - which name comes from children’s “akuku” (polish: here I am, catch me if you can) – was born in Poland in 2014. There are three of us leading the company - Marta Ozog-Orzegowska, Joanna Znajewska and Maja Kubit. Together we create the bog idea of the collection, Maya is responsible for shape design, and Joanna for printings. We are crazy about fashion and our kids. All together we have 4 kids. Whe we established the brand the oldest one was four years old and the youngest was not even born.

And all of tchem are rebelous and cute. We are trying to create this kinf of fashion in Kukukid. Our designs are colourful and surprising.

KUKUKID is 100% made in Poland by three mums crazy about fashion and their kids. We work with local sewing and printing companies. With our business we want to support Polish textile industry. “Fair trade” is what we believe in.


The era of Hippie in the 70’s brought us the new meaning of main values such as freedom, equality, tolerance and peace. In Kukukid we believe that those values are the most important things in kids’ upbringing. The Spring/Summer 2022 collection refers to the hippie era. There are new shapes inspired by 70’s – crop tops, flared trousers, poncho dresses. The color palette is really vibrant – pink, green, yellow and blue – perfect for Summer. The printings are, as usual, rebel but cute – hippie flowers, big tucans and great giraffes. We hope you enjoy it!