Iconic Kukukid Dino Hoodie for kids

Iconic Kukukid Dino Hoodie for kids

When we started working on the Kukukid brand, we were not sure if our brand would win the hearts of the children. Asia Znajewska had a very innovative at that time idea for comfortable and practical clothes for children made of organic cotton. This is how the first KUKUKID collection was created, with the original and designer sweatshirt Dino Hoodie as a definite hit.

Today Dino Hoodie is an iconic product.

The Dino sweatshirt was and is produced in Poland. The form was inspired by the figure of a dinosaur. In fact, kids in every part of the world have a tease at some point in their childhood about dinosaurs. In the first version, the Dino Hoodie was created in a black color option, so it was, like the entire debut KUKUKID collection, very unisex - perfect for both boys and girls. For the convenience of kids, the Dino sweatshirt is zipped. The characteristic teeth on the hood and on the squares as well as the elongated tail perfectly imitate the figure of a dinus.

It is thanks to the Dino Hoodie that KUKUKID has been noticed on the global market. To this day, when we meet friendly brands at foreign fairs, we hear: “We remember you, Kukukid! The Dino sweatshirt is a great shot. " In the clothing industry, the product that identifies the brand so strongly is called the "silver bullet", for LEVI'Sa it is the famous model of jeans 501, for Burberry it is the iconic trench with a checkered lining, for Kukukid it is the Dino Hoodie.

Dino Hoodie for kids inspires

Over the years, the Dino Hoodie has inspired us to create other products. This is how neoprene and velor sweatshirts, rain jackets, and the still very popular Dino Down Jacket - a high-quality Dinosaur-shaped down jacket - were created. Today, the Dino sweatshirt is color-matched to specific collections, but the black variant is already a classic.

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