1. Seller – MAM Group sp. zo.o. sp. komandytowa based in Gdańsk, Poland, address: ul. Partyzantów 11B/20 80-254, NIP 9571083975, REGON: 363795001, phone: +48 781 948 489, email: 
2. Customer – a person or an organization that orders Merchandise from the Store
3. E-store/Store – Internet store available at where the Customer can buy Merchandise from the Seller.
4. Merchandise – items presented in the E-store that can become the object of the sales agreement.
5. Terms of Service – the present Terms of Service of the Internet store.


1. Purchases are made in the E-store available at, are carried out by MAM Group sp. zo.o. sp. komandytowa based in Gdańsk, Poland, address: ul. Partyzantów 11B/20 80-254, NIP 9571083975, REGON: 363795001, phone: +48 781 948 489, email:
2. The photographs of the Merchandise are placed on the website of the E-store as examples and are not meant to depict the particular models displayed on them.
3. To effectively place an order the Customer must give his their accurate and real address and telephone number or email address at which the Seller may reach them.
4. Ordering the Merchandise from the Store, the Customer accepts the present Terms of Service


1. The object of transaction is the sale of the on offer displayed on the website: 
2. All items on offer are new.


1. All prices are in Polish Zloty and include VAT.
2. Payment for Merchandise or services (price and delivery) purchased in the Store by the Customer is made with payment tools made available at the Store on the conditions specified by the Seller.
3. The Customer can choose from the following payment methods: • PayPal • wire transfer. On choosing the wire transfer option, the Customer is obliged to make the payment within 5 working days. If payment is not concluded for this time, the transaction is cancelled and the Merchandise made available for sale again. Seller’s bank account details: MAM Group sp. zo.o. sp. komandytowa based in Gdańsk, Poland, address: ul. Partyzantów 11B/20 80-254, NIP 9571083975, REGON: 363795001. Money transfer is to be made on bank account number: PL58 1140 2004 0000 3612 0438 5654 in bank mBank S.A.
4. The Customer purchases goods and orders a service according to the prices of the Merchandise and shipping valid at the time the order is placed.
5. The Merchandise is shipped to the address specified by the Customer.
6. The cost of shipping is paid by the Customer.


1. To place an order the Customer:
1.1. chooses items to order;
1.2. registers or – if they choose not to register – gives their address and contact details along with shipping address;
1.3. chooses payment method;
1.4. chooses shipping method.
2. Orders are accepted electronically 7 days a week, and processed on weekdays.
3. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday and on holidays will be registered on the first working day that follows.
4. Orders placed by the Customer will be completed (i.e. sent) within 7 working days of placing the order and registering the payment in our bank account.
5. To complete an order the Customer must correctly fill in the order form available on the website.
6. An order form that is filled in incorrectly do not constitute an order.
7. If conditions arise that make it possible to complete an order, the store reserves the right to stop its processing – and is obliged to immediately inform the Customer.
8. If any of the ordered Merchandise is not available at the time the order is placed, the Customer will be informed about this by phone or email, in which case the Customer has the right to cancel the order.


1. The Customer can return the purchased Merchandise without reason and without extra expenses within 14 days of receiving the order by sending a written withdrawal from the agreement. The Customer is obliged to return the purchased items. In case of withdrawal from the agreement without reason, cost of the purchased Merchandise return do not charge the Store.
2. The returned product must be unchanged. In particular the returned product must be undamaged. Failure to comply with the above restrictions will cause the return to be denied.
3. Specimen form of withdrawal from the agreement is available one the website and as the appendix to the Consumer rights Act adopted on 30 of May 2014 (Dz. U. z 2014 r. poz. 827). Here download withdrawal form 
4. The Customer bears the expenses of the return of order. Expenses of the return is equal to price list of postal operator or to services of other operator.
5. The Customer is obligated to return the order not later than 14 days starting from the date of form the date of written withdrawal from the agreement. Sending order is sufficient to meet a deadline.


1. The Seller is obligated to provide a Merchandise without defects. Seller liability is specified by the generally applicable provisions of the law.
2. Any claims for a refund or replacement are considered according to the regulations of Polish law and Consumer rights Act adopted on 30 of May 2014 (Dz. U. z 2014 r. poz. 827). Damage to the order: if the package raises any suspicions as to its contents (e.g. is visibly damaged) the Customer can deny it and report this fact to the courier. The Customer needs to obtain a written statement that the order was denied due to visible damage to the package. The Store is not responsible for the effects of random events that are beyond its control and that make it impossible or difficult to carry out the agreement (e.g. fire, flood etc.)
3. Claims for a refund or replacement should be filed after the product has been found inconsistent with the agreement and emailed to: Please put COMPLAINT along with the order number in the subject of the email and attach the description of your claim.
4. If a claim is found justified, it will be proceed according to polish law. In act of common consultation of Seller and Customer the Merchandise might be replaced with another product available in the store. In that case, if the product is exchanged for another one whose price is higher than that of the returned product, the difference will be paid by the Customer and if the price of the new product is lower, we will refund the difference. If payment was made by credit card, the money is refunded to the credit card account.
5. Differences in the way the product looks compared to the one ordered on the website resulting from the display settings on the Customer’s computer, especially in terms of colour and hue, do not provide the basis for a refund.


1. Customers’ personal details are administered by MAM Group sp. zo.o. sp. komandytowa based in Gdańsk, Poland, address: ul. Partyzantów 11B/20 80-254, NIP 9571083975, REGON: 363795001. Personal data is collected and stored according to the regulations of Polish law.
2. Personal data is not shared with persons unrelated to the activity of KUKUKID store and is only used for the purposes of order processing, direct marketing of the services and proprietary products of the data administrator. Information about the delivery address, contact telephone number and email address of the Customer are shared with electronic payment operators and/or parties involved in the delivery process of the ordered Merchandise.
3. Customers have access to their personal data, can change them, correct and control them as well as withdraw their consent for using them.


1. The Seller is not responsible for any discontinuity in online access to the Store that is caused by external factors.
2. The Seller reserves the right to discontinuity in online access caused by maintenance or improvement works. The Seller will do their best to conduct such works at night and make service outages as short as possible.


1. Selected information related to extra-judicial complaint proceedings and enforcement of claims are available in offices and on websites of consumer spokespersons, consumer organizations, Trade Inspection and Office of Competition and Consumer Protection – in every administrative district,
2. The Customer is entitled to lodge his complaints to consumer conciliation court.
3. The Customer may obtain free of charge legal service via local consumer spokespersons or social organization.


1. In any cases undefined in these Terms of Service regulations of Polish law apply, Consumer rights Act adopted on 30 of May 2014 (Dz. U. z 2014 r. poz. 827) in particular.
2. By placing an order the Customer accepts that their personal data contained in the order will be stored and processed according to the current laws in Poland.
3. All the photographs are property of MAM Group sp. zo.o. sp. komandytowa, and have been used for informative purposes. Deleting, copying, editing, circulating of the photos as well as using them for commercial purposes or displaying them on other websites without our explicit consent is prohibited.